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IMGP2380Although the “Nevada Nurseries” was established in 2002, a story of many years and laborious work preceded by the Thomas family. In 1990, Mrs. Kiriaki began selling a small amount of flowers. This first attempt lasted three years. In 1993, Mrs. Kiriaki established her own company, called “Alambra’s Nursery”. However, the various adverse conditions and the bad location, combined with the wrong shaping of the space forced Mrs. Kiriaki to seek new ways to fulfill the grand dream of her family. Thus, ten years after the “Nevada Nurseries Ltd” was created, founded in the experience of many years and the sacrifices of a whole family that aspired to distinguish from other impersonal companies. Taking into consideration the respect towards the customers, this family business attempts to provide personal services.

Our ultimate goal is to continue to work hard so that we can provide you with the best quality in the lowest price, without altering the unique identity that we have managed to create so far.